Information doesn't exist

In this article I will prove that the concept of information is wrong.

The concept has a lot of problems. The main one is that we treat information as an actually existing object. That there is such thing as information, and we collect, store, and process it. However, if we'll look at all the situations we call information transferring we will see, that there is no such thing.

For example, telephone. When we speak into a microphone, we say that we are transferring information. What really happens, is that microphone converts sound into electrical impulses that are transferred through a wire and cause a speaker at the other end to reproduce the sound.

Or a photograph, which is an example of information storing. But picture is only chemicals on a piece of paper that change their color under the influence of light.

And so on. As you can see, in all these situations there is everything but information. Only physical entities are present that affect each other also in physical way.

Some may say that “information” is just another name for all these situations. However, this is not true and here's why. Let's look at two different ways we can describe vision:

-Eyes collect visual information which is then processed by the brain.

-Light waves affect the light sensitive cells in the retina that produce electrical impulses in the brain.

Even though they are used interchangeably in science, they are obviously not the same thing. Information is something collected outside the body, while electrical impulses are produced by the body itself.

There is also another difference between these two explanations. We know what is light and what is electricity, they are obviously existing physical things... But we know nothing about information and information processing. Information is a concept that requires proof of existence, instead, we just went with it. And it brought us nowhere. And now we are sitting and looking at the brain waiting for something to pop out. How many MRIs do we need, to understand that the concept of information is wrong?

So, there is no information as an object. But even if it existed, the information system would still have a lot of issues.

The other big part of the information system is information processing: supposedly, after it gathers and stores information, the brain processes it, and our experiences are the result of this processing. However, we do not have nearly enough reasons to claim that some processing exists.

Processing is when something is changed into something else, but if we'll look at the brain we will see that both the input and the output are the same: it's just electricity. There is no difference between electricity before the brain, in retina, and electricity after the brain, the one flexing your muscles.

And there's no need for the brain to process electricity into something else, because electricity is all that is required to affect the body. If we would replace the brain with different source of electricity, the body would not feel a difference. We know that we move because of electricity, we just don't why we move in a specific way and how can we control our movements.

Because of concept of different information, like visual, we developed a notion that different areas of the brain process different information, that there are specialized brain areas. This is wrong. Even if there existed different information, for the brain it's all just electricity. Light, sonic waves, smell, touch – they all get turned into electricity by the receptors they affect. So why would different parts of the brain evolve differently?

There is absolutely no reason to take two pieces of gray matter of different shape, and claim that they have different abilities. The brain development can be compared to the spine development. Even though during evolution bones take different shapes, they are still bones, just like the spine, from which they grow.

It’s like claiming that a bent part of a wire receives different properties than a straight part.

If there are different brain parts... how can they affect each other? How can a picture of an object can make us remember a sound? This shows that there are no different outputs, and whatever happens happens the same for the whole of the brain.

There is also another view, that the brain processes information like a computer – that electrical impulses are like ones and zeroes in programming, and the final result is CALCULATED by the brain. However, the computer processor also does not process information into something else. It doesn't process electricity into images and sounds, it directs electricity to a specific path that will result in a diode lighting up in a monitor or a speaker emitting sound. The input and output are the same, but the position of the electricity has changed which affected an electrical device that, for example, produced light.

Another thing that points that there is no information is that our perception has a lot of physical properties. For example, our vision is an optical system that can be unfocused and have a lot of optical artifacts. Like when you shake a pen in front of you and its silhouette multiplies. Or when something happens, and you react with a pause, as if information takes time to reach your brain. No, not the information, electricity. Or when things look different in different light. These physical properties that we attribute to information are actually attributes of physical things, like lenses in our eyes and electricity.

Finally, the model doesn’t explain awareness of the results of perception. If the result of processing is a picture… who’s looking at it? This leads to a situation with “endless perception”: we are looking at a picture on a screen, but who’s looking at the picture in our head? According to the model, someone must percept the results of perception.

Conclusion: it is clear that information doesn't exist, and our brain doesn't work with it, does not collect, store and process it. Our inability to explain mind for such long time was caused not by the mind's complexity, but by the completely wrong path that we took to explain it.

A true explanation of mind must explain it without using information and with only what we know exists for sure, like electrical impulses. I have such explanation: Sofia

12 August 2018